4 steps to use recurring questions to change your organizations mindset and have some fun along the way - Step 4


Are you imaginarily rolling your eyes because you heard that one question again?! Imagine how you feel when someone else is answering those questions in your place, because he obviously got it. Your message stuck. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


This week I’m posting 4 steps to use recurring questions to change your organizations mindset.

4️⃣ So here is my fourth step: Play Bingo.

  • Take your list of 10 questions and choose 4-6 that you and your team will likely have to answer in meetings. Now sit down and, you’ll guess it, answer them :-)
  • Try to do it by writing one short sentence. You want to have an answer that you can keep in mind and that sticks with your colleagues.
    • Instead of "Yes it is important to test with customers, if we don't have their feedback we will not know what works and what doesn't and we might take the wrong decisions"
  • use "Yes we will test with customers as it will save us time and money"
  • Ideally you will add a symbol/icon to each answer on your bingo-sheet. That will help your brain to remember the message.

If you are in a team: do this step as a team, answer the questions together. Ideally you all send out the same short messages which makes them stick even better. Make it a habit to do this once a month. You will see, your Bingo-Sheet will change from month to month and with that you company’s maturity. I can tell you: that is soooo rewarding!


➡️ Here is a template with the full guide that makes it very easy to work through the 4 steps: download.


Now you will have your CX-Questions-Bingo-Card in every meeting to imaginarily “tick-off”, having a precise and spot-on answer. Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?


Was this helpful? I would love to hear what the challenges are that you are facing in the transformation of your company towards customer centricity. Comment below!


🟠 My fourth step is: Play Bingo! ⬇️ Don't forget to download the full guide and template!

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