4 steps to use recurring questions to change your organizations mindset and have some fun along the way - Step 3

Another day of inspiring others to being customer centric is in front of you. The same questions coming your way as yesterday or the day before. I hope you feel already a little more motivated as you’re starting to see how you can use those questions to transform your company. Maybe you already collected quite a few questions, if so: well done! If not: I’m sure you have them in your mind ready to write them down.


In the second step we pinned the questions to a role. So you will have more people helping answering the questions. To know that you don’t have to answer those question on your own is kind of liberating, right?


3️⃣ In the third step we will: pin them again!


This time we will get more traction to your messages. Answering 1:1 has impact, but answering 1:lots can really help speed-up that transformation. So what you need to do is:

  • Sit down with your team and make a list of all communication channels that are at your disposal and that are used in your company, like: intranet, event, internal magazine, wiki-space (e.g. for e specific project), meetings, speeches/videos/... (e.g. by CEO), screens (e.g. at the entrance), meetings, etc. Walk around and be aware of what you see, what you read.
  • For each answer on your list of questions allocate one or more communication channels.
  • Keep in mind who the target group is. Who asked the question in the first place? And do you only need to address them or a wider group of people?
  • Keep in mind which role should answer the question.
  • For example: the question was asked by several people in management position. It affects the company’s strategy so it should be answered by the CEO. You may want to look for a management event coming up where the CEO has a speech to this smaller and targeted audience. This makes the message stick better and there might be  space for questions/discussions which would make the message stick even better.
  • Plan a meeting with the manager of the (internal) communications department. Talk to him about your plan/goal and show him your work you and your team have done so far.  Ask him about communication channels you might have missed and about their planning for the months ahead (they usually have a com-calendar). Ask for his opinion on how to spread each answer on your list.
  • Get help creating stories and content. This is actually the biggest piece of work. Don’t underestimate it. Try to get help from internal communications. They are constantly looking for topics to publish and often very willing to help. But maybe there are also people in the organization that enjoy writing and would love to support? Think outside the box, outside your team. Who can you reach out to?
  • Last but not least: those topics pinned to other people that are not covered yet. E.g. when it comes to a specific team or project. Approach the manager and discuss with him/her how you can together best answer the question. You might want to dig a bit deeper to understand where the question comes from. If a question keeps arising from a specific group, especially when on the critical side, it's a sign that something is there on a deeper level. You might find a competing goal e.g: they are supposed to implement a more efficient process and feel like CX is doing the opposite. It's worth the work of digging deeper and discuss the source of their question. If you're able to "solve" it you will very likely have a few new supporters able to answer some questions in your place.

Keep looking at opportunities coming. up. Get strategic: search, plan, place. Imagine how your messages spread in your company. 📍Happy pinning!

🦸🏼‍♀️ Are you a CX Hero craving for some inspiration when it comes to changing your organization towards more customer centricity? My mission is to have your back. To be the background-fairy supporting your success. I know how frustrating and lonely it can be to be the one pushing for better customers experiences. I also know how rewarding it is to see the transformation unfolding in front of you. I have loads of actionable knowledge in the pipeline for you, don't miss out on it!

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