Why organizational structures are overrated

How often have we experienced it: the reorganization. To break through silos, for better cooperation. Did it work? No? Why not? Because humans are herd animals. We're looking for social structures, a family. That gives us safety. That was true in cave times and it still is. Silos aren't bad, they simply reflect a deep-seated need. So the men and women in black (with or without stripes) can turn the organization upside down 3 times: silos will always be formed.


So what can we do instead? Safety is good! People need it to thrive, whether they are children or adults. So let silos be silos. Leave families intact and look for other ways to achieve the goals you have set.


In the context of customer centricity it means: remove blinkers. Three of the most important points for this are:

  • A strong interdisciplinary team, equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies.

  • Showing the teams what impact their work has on the value chain.

  • Change perspective regularly: Let employees be customers or introduce generic personas


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