You don't need extra resources to start a change initiative.

Limited resources are a fact. In any organization, in any initiative. No money, no change? That’s not true!


Lots of change initiatives start with:


- a burning plattform: degrading the company to mediocracy

- fighting for budget


There’s no bad intentions behind it, it’s just the way it has been done. But it is so time consuming and can put so much negative energy into the company. Especially for a change towards Customer Centricity it’s not the starting point you want to have. Some of the best change initiatives I have seen had little or no budget at the beginning. So, what are the alternatives


Reallocate resources

Bill Bratton is one of the most impressive change leaders in the world. He pulled off several change initiatives and is the police chef that made New York a safe city again, dropping the crime rates by 35-50% in just two years. One example of him reallocating resources was in the narcotics department. They had 5% of manpower and worked mostly from Mondays to Fridays. Estimates showed, that crimes attributed to narcotics where around 50% and they mostly occurred on weekends. As soon as he presented these facts the reallocation of resources and staff was quickly accepted.


What you are looking for:

How is the resource allocation today? What are the biggest budgets? Where are the biggest effects? What are the unquestioned modi-operandi? What is the most time spent for? How much time is spent on “no-value” activities (e.g. bureaucracy)? Talk to the people at the base and at the front, they will give you valuable insights.

Trade resources

Acknowledged excess resources tend to get reallocated and obviously they are not advertised by the budget owners. So, there are always teams that end up with resources they don’t need even though they are short of others.


What you are looking for:

It might be money, but also staff time ore things like workspace, software access, etc.  that can help you get the resource you need. Bill Bratton swapped cars for office space. Talk to your colleagues, make notes and bring people together to swap resources. You will be right in the middle of it all and will make you a smart problem solver.

Start your change initiative faster and with smartness. Support will follow.

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