You have an audience you want to inspire to better understand customer's behavior? You want to enable a group of people to attain the next level in CXM methodologies? You are planning a workshop and want the participants to think from your customers perspective? I will be happy to help you make your event successful. With knowledge, fun and persuasiveness.

Interactive talk



Inspiration, changing mindset, understanding the customer centric way.



Talk with or without involvement of the audience. From small to large audiences of 1000+ people. 

Talk for specific stakeholders



Knowledge transfer, inspiration, changing mindset, support CXM initiative.



Specific group of people (e.g. management, initiative, project).

Lecture / Development



Learning CXM philosophy/methodologies, be able to apply the attained knowledge.



Specific group of people (e.g. students, team, executives).




Inspiration, developing concrete solutions, develop specific skills.



Conception and facilitation of a workshop from small to large group of people (100+). 

"Annika teaches our Bachelor and MBA students in Customer Experience Management and is usually considered the highlight of the semester. She skillfully combines theoretical models with hands-on practical exercise. Producing a prototype based on their own customer needs analysis is a highlight for the students. It is amazing what creative ideas Annika can enable."

Dr. Barbara Miller

Professor for Marketing

University of applied sciences FHNW Switzerland

The talks are inspiring, eye opening and fun. What are your needs? The content will be tailored to your individual needs.


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