By engaging in Customer Experience Management you are starting a transformation process towards a customer centric culture. You want success through a differentiation lived by all employees. If you use standards procedures how high are the chances to achieve the aimed differentiation? Drive a transformation process that fits your company and culture with a well rounded program of values, goals, skills, methods and messages.

Setting-up and scaling a CXM initiative



Faster and impactful take-off in the CXM journey, visible performance, sound resource investment, use of the right methodologies, skills development, deep understanding of customer's behavior.



  • Advisory in the process of CXM set-up
  • Advisory scaling CXM initiatives
  • Skills development of CXM Teams (eg. CJ Analysis, Human Centered Design, Prototyping, CJ Redesign)
  • Conduct Customer Journey and Persona analysis

Transformation process towards a customer centric organization



Drive a transformation process that fits your company and culture for a fast adoption of the new way of thinking and working.


"If someone is telling you there is a standard framework for change management
he's either a liar or a consultant."
                                                                 Source: unkonwn


Every organization has it's own culture, subcultures, values and goals. All variables have to be taken into account when embarking in a transformation journey. What worked in one organization will not necessarily work in yours. But there are some basic guidelines and rules that help make a change process succeed. Avoid being one of 70% change initiatives that fail*.



  • Evaluation of the cultural setting
  • Support and guidance in the transformation process from concept to implementation
  • Coaching and enablement of teams and senior management in the transformation process
  • Top-Management coaching with special focus on communication


*Source: N. Nohria & M. Beer, Cracking the Code of Change, HBR Review, May 2000.

Implementing adaptive processes



Implementing flexible and digitalized processes that enable to meet the customer's needs.


Many processes are simple and linear. But most are not. Most processes don't have one consecutive step after the other. They have many different variations. Especially working with customers chances are, that they won't follow a predetermined process. Adaptive processes are processes based on situations, rules and logic instead of consecutive steps. They make it possible to match the intuitive customer's behavior with your business needs.


In just a few weeks a team can be enabled to derive, set-up and digitalize agile processes by their own. A first prototype can be set-up in a workshop of 1-2 days.



  • Facilitation in deriving adaptive processes (e.g. from the target Customer Journey)
  • Facilitation in setting-up and digitalizing the new processes
  • Advisory for the implementation in daily employee routine



For adaptive processes we partner with Allisa, the smartest choice for the agile and digital processes. 

"Annika is a no-nonsense CX professional that translates principle into practice. She understands how to get buy-in form a skeptical audience. She knows how to make the case for CX and work it into the fabric of complex organizations."

Quaalfa Dibeehi

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