The challenges in implementing a Customer Experience Management are very diverse. Resources are scarce and the expectations are high. So what should you focus on? What are the next steps? How can you improve visibility? Are you doing the right thing? How can we speed things up? An outside view or input can be very helpful to see things from another perspective and decide on the next actions to take without having the large consulting troop in the house.

Coaching Customer Experience teams


Scarce resources, small team and so many things that should be done. The challenges CXM teams face are quite a few. As a coach I help you and your team to sort things out and support you by:

  • Gaining more focus
  • Improving visibility
  • Reaching the next level of skills/knowledge in CXM
  • Reviewing projects/strategies
  • Assisting in developing concepts
  • Setting-up CXM enabling sessions
  • Partnering the transformation process 

Coaching/Enabling project and operational teams

  • Transfer the CXM knowledge and philosophy
  • Enable a specific team/group
  • Show new ways in a project or initiative
  • Spark the joy of the customer centric approach

I will be happy to set-up an individual program for the specific needs of the people you want to enable.

Executive coaching


The transformation process towards a customer centric organization is long and challenging. The role of senior executives is central to support the process and speed things up. The main focus in the executive coaching are:

  • Review the communication concept
  • Feedback communication
  • Enablement in CXM philosophy/methods/strategies
  • Support in reviewing the CXM/Transformation strategy
  • Support in reviewing the CXM performances

"Spending a day with Annika is a journey you cannot forget! She is an expert that facilitates interactive and practical sessions bringing the theoretical aspects of Customer Experience Management to life. The combination of her know-how, experience and friendliness enable the participants to gain important insights about Customer Centricity and its  central role for companies." 

Laura Bettazza

Customer Experience Specialist at Holcim

and student at FHNW  

Individual situations require individual solutions. How can I support your success?


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