annika björck

Coach, consultant, lecturer and speaker for Customer Experience Management and the transformation towards Customer Centricity.

As a former Quality Manager in a large corporate, being responsible for projects that would make customers interactions better and business more profitable, I soon realized, that the most effective and efficient way is by understanding customer's behavior and the needs that drive it.


Ever since then I'm passionate about Customer Experience Management and in the last two decades I have had the privilege of supporting and enabling companies from small to very large, as well as teams and executives in the most diverse organizations.


My experience shows that above everything, authenticity is key. Analyzing Customer Journeys, Personas, NPS and Touchpoints is great. You gain so many insights. Having a team in place managing the customer experience is mandatory. But this is just the beginning of a long journey. To become a truly customer centric organization means becoming an authentic organization living customer centric behavior and the values you stand for as a company. It means recruiting the right people, defining the right goals and to trust them. This is where the differentiation on the market becomes tangible, emotional and very hard to copy.


My passion is to guide and support companies, teams and executives embracing this challenge.


Born (1978) and raised in Ticino, the beautiful italian speaking region in southern Switzerland. Passionate skipper and photographer. I spent 12 years in different management positions in large financial companies and 6 years in Customer Experience consultancy. For more about my professional experience find me on LinkedIn.


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