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Are you a CX Hero craving for some inspiration when it comes to changing your company towards being more customer centric? You feel like you can't get your messages to stick? You feel like you don't get enough traction and visibility? And you just don't have enough hands to juggle it all?


But you know implementing the right measures would be a game changer for your company and your career. Imagine having an action plan with concrete content tailored to your situation that helps you focus and achieve the success you envision.


As former CX Manager in large corporates as well as consultant I know how it is to start alone from scratch and then scaling up to large CX projects and programs. Honestly? CX Professionals need superpowers. The requirements which are made on us are immense: very diverse skills, endless energy and infinite patience. That’s why I call us CX Heroes.


Whether you're just starting off on a lonely journey or trying to influence your colleagues together with a CX-team, you're in the right place.


My mission is to have your back. To be your background-fairy supporting your success. I know how frustrating and lonely it can be to be the one pushing an organization for better customer experiences. But I also know how rewarding it is to see the transformation enfolding in front of you. Seeing the change of mindset in your colleagues eyes. Getting the budgets you need approved. Having the members of the board coming at you seeking for advice. I will share my knowledge, my experience and provide you with tons of actionable tools.


CX Heros is the platform to boost your superpowers to step-up with confidence and put in place the action plan that will transform your company and your career.

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30' to have your most important questions in CX and CC answered.

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60' 1:1 Session to get actionable advice from an experienced CX/CC expert.

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I share knowledge and experience in my posts and in lives several times a week. Engage in a discussion with experts in my network.


I put online courses and webinars on a regular basis. Scroll through all the courses and webinars.

Customer needs knowledge Boost - FREEBIE

Do you know the 8 experience needs? A thorough study gives important insights for CX Professionals and answers the question what is satisfying about satisfying experiences. Get this summary for free.

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Persona knowledge Boost - FREEBIE

Personas are a very efficient tool to rise empathy for your customers. But all the different frameworks on the market lead to a persona confusion. Imagine having total clarity on what solid personas are and a simple way to communicate it to your colleagues. Watch the video course and download the slides.

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Persona and Customer Journey Impact Program

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The 12 weeks program that will empower you to make your own solid persona

and customer journey analysis.

  • Understand what drives your customer's behavior
  • Attain predictability in his choices and preferences
  • Achieve customer centricity impact in your organization

University program matched with coaching and your own first analysis.

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Impact for CX Heroes

12 weeks: university program, coaching, own study, community, exam, certificate.


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