Cutting costs with CX

CX Heros don't have it easy at the moment. Initiatives are stopped and budgets are frozen. The focus of many companies is on cost reduction. In uncertain times this is understandable and strategically sensible. Do you have the feeling of constantly competing against cost-cutting measures? It does not have to be!


Show your management how CX can contribute to cost reduction. Position yourself and CX as business-focused, strategic and effective by proving that you are aligning CX with the new situation. What you need to do? Think strategically: Focus your limited resources on what you need to do to achieve the necessary effect: reduce costs.



How do you do that? Look at customer groups and where there are cost issues. Typically these are long-tail customers. The group that spend the least on your company.


A first short-term measure could be to serve customers differently. Not so cost-intensive. If they are served in the same way as "A" customers who bring a higher contribution margin, this might be the starting point. BUT how do you bring CX into play here? How do you make sure that the customer satisfaction score does not "go away"?

Long-Tail customers are not bad customers, they are customers that you do not (yet) serve as needed.

Analyze how these customers are served and how they behave, what they buy. Collect customer value key figures such as how high their "budget" and your "share of wallet" is. You need to understand the HOW and especially the WHY! This is important because otherwise the outcome is a matter of luck.


I had this luck once and I wouldn't want to repeat it because it's an unpleasant blind flight. I had the project order to serve long-tail customers only via telephone instead of personally. Of course we provided a great customer experience but the change was of course big. But it turned out that long-tail customers prefer to be served by phone and e-mail instead of in person. They found this to be more effective and efficient. They also didn't like personal contact very much. The effect was great: costs were reduced, satisfaction and share of wallet increased. But it was a pure stroke of luck. Today I would first want to understand the customers and their needs and then define the right measures to take. If I had known about the 8 experience needs* at that time, I could have avoided this blind flight. It could just as well have gone wrong. If you understand what triggers their behaviour, how they ideally want to reach their goal, then you can define measures that hit the mark.

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 * If you don't know the 8 experience needs, here is a free download (summary) and a free mini-training for it.

Live Q&A Webinar

Episode 3 | Cutting costs with CX

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