Personas as catalysts in the transformation to customer focus

The transformation to a customer-centric culture is a major challenge for many companies. One of the central pillars is empathy. Employees must think from the customer's perspective. This is difficult if you don't deal with a customer on an everyday basis. There are several ways to awaken this empathy for the customer. One of them are personas. 


Personas are one of the strongest tools in the change process. If they are well analyzed and edited, they are a real change catalyst. In meetings you quickly hear sentences like "I think Angela would rather call than search online", "Yes I like it that way too, but Bernd would never do it that way". Employees have to leave their perspective and personal preferences. This is difficult for all of us. Everyone who has ever practiced non-violent communication was able to experience this in a very  conscious way. To simplify this step into empathy, you need a persona who is as concrete as possible, a personality, a soul with whom employees can identify. Personas bring the customer to life. From the abstract figure "customer" it becomes a character with edges.


Personas are also powerful tools because they are used in the transformation as well as in the CXM work. Everyone works with the same base, just in different depths. For the work in the CXM they allow a profound analysis of the customer journey. The insights last for years. Customer Journeys are widely known and the knowledge about them is quite high. With personas, on the other hand, the situation is unfortunately somewhat different. There are different frameworks and fields of application for personas, which complicates things. But all personas stand and fall with the correct analysis and the correct use. 


  • What exactly are personas?
  • Do you need personas?
  • How are personas correctly collected?
  • How do we use personas for transformation?
  • Can personas be developed internally?
  • Isn't it cheaper to simply buy personas for our industry?


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