English · 30. November 2020
What are the key elements of a CX strategy? 2021 is just around the corner. Is your CX strategy set for the coming year? Developing a customer experience management strategy is not easy. Hardly any other discipline is so multi-faceted and combines so many different skills. What do successful CX Teams do? Which elements need to be covered? When I collect all my observations and experiences, four pillars can be identified.

English · 31. October 2020
Customer-centric transformation is the supreme discipline in customer experience management. I have been working in these areas for almost 20 years now and support companies in putting customer-centricity into practice in their daily work. Again and again, I come across errors and mistakes. I have described 5 of them in a previous blog article. Today I dedicate myself to three more.

English · 05. October 2020
Why do change measures fail? Because change steps are skipped! But it is very difficult to recognize this. A simple concept helps us to recognize the change stages of people and to align the change initiative accordingly.

English · 16. August 2020
Customer centricity is currently one of the most used buzz words in the business world, next to digitalization and agile. And rightly so, because far too often customers feel like they're "in the wrong movie". But in implementation few companies are really successful. Why is that? In this blog article I will dive deeper into 5 misconceptions in customer-centric transformation.

English · 29. July 2020
If you’ve followed my blogs so far, you will know I work in a world of changes, one thing I am definitely sure of, is that no two procedures are the same when it comes to making a customer-centric change. Different companies want different results and even organizations that are extremely similar will need a different procedure. But there is certainly a recipe for success when it comes to customer-centric change. And that's what I'll be covering this week in my blog.

English · 20. July 2020
Building a solid CX business case is a topic that many people still struggle with today, even though we have more behavioral data than ever before. Check out my latest blog now for a much more in-depth approach on how we can create a solid CX project leading from faith to budget!

English · 04. July 2020
Do you know what I learned from being a project manager in CX "standard" project? Successful CX projects are set-up in reverse compared to standard projects. In this blog article I write about my insights leading successful CX projects.

English · 18. June 2020
The focus of many companies at the moment is on cost reduction. In this blog article I show you how CX can help reducing costs ... and boost CX at the same time.

English · 08. June 2020
Giving NPS (or any other customer score) goals to all employees of a company has been very popular for some time now. The intentions are laudable: ALL should keep the customer in focus. BUT there are also dangers lurking. As Chief Customer Officer (or CXO), you must manage these threats. What can you do? Find the answers in this blog article.

English · 23. May 2020
If the topic of customer focus has been anchored in your company for a long time, this does not mean that it is actually fulfilled. The biggest mistake I see CX Teams make in transformation is that they focus mainly on using and teaching CX tools. To successfully manage a customer centricity change is like playing with a Rubik’s Cube. You can read in my blog article what this means exactly.

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