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English · 31. October 2020
Customer-centric transformation is the supreme discipline in customer experience management. I have been working in these areas for almost 20 years now and support companies in putting customer-centricity into practice in their daily work. Again and again, I come across errors and mistakes. I have described 5 of them in a previous blog article. Today I dedicate myself to three more.

English · 05. October 2020
Why do change measures fail? Because change steps are skipped! But it is very difficult to recognize this. A simple concept helps us to recognize the change stages of people and to align the change initiative accordingly.

Deutsch · 05. October 2020
Warum scheitern Change Massnahmen? Weil Veränderungs-Stufen übersprungen werden! Das zu erkennen ist aber sehr schwer. Ein einfaches Konzept hilft uns, die Veränderungsstufen von Menschen zu erkennen und die Change Initiative darauf auszurichten.


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