Annika Björck | bjc | Coach, consultant, lecturer and speaker for Customer Experience Management and the transformation towards Customer Centricity.


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My passion is to support companies to (re-)connect with their clients.

  • For more success
  • For less misunderstandings
  • For more joy

Annika Björck

Pushing an organization towards Customer Centricity often feels like a long hurdles race.

What are your challenges?

björck consulting: Systematically manage your customer's experiences
björck consulting: Making employees thing customer centric
björck consulting: Gain focus in your Customer Experience Management

björck consulting: making Customer Journeys come to life
björck consulting: Increase CXM visibility in your organization
björck consulting: Inspire an audience to think customer centric

björck consulting: Impactful communication during the transformation process
björck consulting: Deliver an above-average customer experience
björck consulting: Next steps in Customer Experience Management

Making the process towards Customer Centricity enjoyable and successful.

What can I do for you?

björck consulting: Coaching for Customer Experience Management und Customer Centric Culture
björck consulting: Consulting for Customer Experience Management und Customer Centric Culture
björck consulting: Speaking for Customer Experience Management und Customer Centric Culture

I'm the background fairy supporting your success and career

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